8 weeks

I’ve hit 8 weeks today, gosh I can’t believe it’s gotten to this week. I remember first having it done thinking how far away 8 weeks was.
So 8 weeks means I can take my binder off and only put it on when swollen. I’m incredibly nervous about this and I don’t know why, I’ve been moaning about wearing it for a few weeks now, it rides up and sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe.
This morning I got ready for the school run and I put my binder on even though I was so excited about not wearing it. It’s like my comfort blanket, I feel like my belly will drop off if I don’t wear it (hahaha) I really am dramatic. Well I’ve come home and thought while I’m around the house I will take it off and try to get used to it not being there.

I will post updated pictures tomorrow. I feel so amazing and I am so happy I’ve had it done. Would recommend it so much.


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