9 months post op

So as you can see I am healing nicely. I am so happy I had a tummy tuck, my confidence has rocketed, I can wear a bikini without feeling self conscious. Next is to get fit and tone the rest of my body up. 100% I would recommend doing something that makes you happy andContinue reading “9 months post op”

18 weeks post op

Oh gosh, I didn’t realise how long it’s been since writing on here. Time has gone fast. Yey it’s 2021 but still in lockdown. Fingers crossed for the end of lockdown. So recovery is still going on, my incisions have all healed, I feel like inside is still healing. I don’t wear my binder asContinue reading “18 weeks post op”

8 weeks

I’ve hit 8 weeks today, gosh I can’t believe it’s gotten to this week. I remember first having it done thinking how far away 8 weeks was. So 8 weeks means I can take my binder off and only put it on when swollen. I’m incredibly nervous about this and I don’t know why, I’veContinue reading “8 weeks”


How am I sleeping??? Like I’ve had plastic surgery. Sleeping on your back is great when you can move around after a while. So I wake up through the night a few times coz I slipped down the pillows or my back aches or I need a wee. I hate broken sleep too, I’m notContinue reading “Sleep”

The tapes are off

12 days post operation and I got to take my taps off. At this point it was incredibly scary, I felt like if I took those taps off I would rip open, so silly I know and I’m slightly dramatic. well I got in the shower, washed everywhere with hibiscrub stuff, then with the showerContinue reading “The tapes are off”

Operation day

So the day came, it was such a long day as I was second on the list. Once I was given my hospital room which was lovely, I had to sign all the forms they wanted me to, then had photos (I could of cried, I let Waybe stay in the room so I feltContinue reading “Operation day”

The night before

Well we are in Turkey, the journey was weird, firstly Manchester airport was so empty, it’s pretty sad how covid has changed things and effected a lot of businesses. The plane wasn’t full at all. When we arrived in Turkey we received details of our transfer, I sent a selfie of what we looked likeContinue reading “The night before”


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