How am I sleeping???

Like I’ve had plastic surgery. Sleeping on your back is great when you can move around after a while. So I wake up through the night a few times coz I slipped down the pillows or my back aches or I need a wee. I hate broken sleep too, I’m not good with it at all, I love sleeping.
My bed set up is great, my mum gave me a huge body length U shaped pillow, then I have a pillow under my legs still, a pillow behind me with a teddy fleece cuddle pillow on top so I’m quite padded up. Just doesn’t help sometimes.
And I thought with me going outside more it would help me sleep but no I’m tired and I feel dizzy tired sometimes, just doesn’t make a difference as once I lay down i struggle to get to sleep even though I want to. And it’s hard coz normally if I wake up I roll over cuddle up to Wayne then I get back to sleep, now all I can do is look at him sleeping from my tower of pillows and put my hand on him which aches coz I’m so high and I have little arms (now you’re imagining T-Rex arms ha ha ha).

I don’t know when I’m allowed to sleep on my side but I have been laying on my side for a little bit to give my back a break but then my incisions sting so I move back on my back. I’m longing for the day to have a normal sleep.

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