18 weeks post op

Oh gosh, I didn’t realise how long it’s been since writing on here. Time has gone fast. Yey it’s 2021 but still in lockdown. Fingers crossed for the end of lockdown.
So recovery is still going on, my incisions have all healed, I feel like inside is still healing. I don’t wear my binder as much unless I feel bloated which is mainly when I’m due on.
Now it’s all about the scars and reducing the redness. I’ve been using different creams (so in reality I won’t be able to tell you which one works) and also been using scar tape which I feel has reduced the redness, when I received them I thought wow it’s expensive for just little bits of tape but you can use them for up to a month, I guess when the sticky bits isn’t sticky anymore put new tapes on.
I’ve been doing a little exercises, me and a friend are doing plank challenges sit ups challenges and squat challenge (I mean I’ve had to restart them a few times coz I’ve eaten crap or forgotten) I haven’t done a full sit up yet because I don’t want to push myself. I’m trying to do little bits of exercises so I don’t ruin anything inside.
I had to rest for a day or two last week because I was painting my mums bathroom so I must have over stretched on one side as it was painful to move.
I still get messages off Nupel (the aftercare nurse? She’s so lovely and it’s so nice she still messages me. She even messaged just to make sure we will all safe, bless her. I can’t wait to be able to travel again and go see the whole team again. I think I will take my boys so they can meet the team that brought me happiness again.

Heres some updated pictures

You can see a little bloat, this photo was at the end of the day so not too bad at all.shiny because I have cream on. Feel like that crab from moana.

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