Just a few pictures

So here are some pictures for you to look at. Don’t be grossed out by them.
My awful before picture

6 days after

10 days after

12 days after

As you can see I haven’t got as much swelling or bruising as I expected but I guess that’s why I took all those vitamins and still do. I’m not fully healed but I’m so happy with the difference already.
This post is huge for me, as I would never even wear a bikini near people that knew me so now you will all see what I was so self conscious and I hope you understand why I did what I did.
And I also want to say it’s ok to love yourself and it’s ok to not, just because I didn’t like my body and how it was doesn’t mean you have to feel the same, I just needed an extra hand to help me have the confidence so many of you ladies already have.

2 thoughts on “Just a few pictures

  1. Natasha you looked amazing before and you should be proud of doing what you have you have to be happy and thats the main thing. You’re recovering beautifully xx


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