Out of holiday jail

The day finally came that I could leave the house, it seemed to take ages to come and I was starting to hate the living room (ha ha ha).
My mum, Caleb, Cohen and me went to costa coffee, it felt weird putting clothes on, it was the first time in weeks I actually put knickers on (he he he I was quite liking being commando) my incision is quite low down so it rubs and in my mind I panic about the stitches being pulled at. I’m still the size I was but I think once I get out of these compression garments I will be a one size smaller which I will be ok with as the size of my clothes never bothered me. I put my jeans on and OH MY the roll has gone, I know it had gone but it’s GONE!!! It’s just flat (apart from abit of swelling of course) I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror. I shouted the boys in saying look it’s gone and pointing to where the roll was, they weren’t too impressed as they know it’s gone and repeatedly tell me how gross it looks coz of the stitches.
I have managed a few days out but then also had to have a full day of rest afterwards coz although I want to get back to normal I need to realise I still have had an operation just over 3 weeks ago. And it does hit me when I’m walking about as I’m not fast and I still haven’t stood up straight yet which apparently I fitted in well for Halloween as I looked like a witch (thanks boys you cheeky things).
So the journey carries on and each day is closer to the end of recovery but I won’t push myself as it’s not worth it.
Have some updated pictures and me in jeans.

20 days post op

First time I put clothes on

3 weeks post op

Posing with my friends apparently.
3wks 1day3wks 3days post op

No roll 🎉

3wks 4days. I have iodine on as I do this everyday to clean the incision so it looks yellow. Not sure I told you the line going up to my belly button is my old top of my belly button.

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