The days after surgery

Trying to write down the last 7 days is abit harder than i thought.

So the day after surgery i felt amazing, no pain really at all, the surgeon came to see me and showed me what he had done, so gross and surreal i couldn’t believe it was me when he was showing the videos. He did lipo on me to give me more of a waist and that’s the discomfort i felt. I have bruising on my belly and sides, it’s very tender. I managed to eat breakfast which was breadsticks so weird but it helped. I managed to walk to the toilet, walking looks funny because i’m hunched over, i can’t stand straight and i will gradually do it just not forcing it as it will tear the stitches. The only pain was trapped wind, oh my goodness it was awful and I’ve never trumped infront of Wayne so super embarrassing. Anyway i managed to so now Wayne my wicked secrets of trumping (ha ha ha)

The day i was allowed to go back to the hotel was quick. I had breakfast at the hospital which was a boiled egg. The nurses came, stripped me off showered me (oh my word it was so nice to get showered as i didn’t think i would get a shower for 2 weeks) they dried me, put more dressings on my incisions. Then we was on our way to the hotel, it was great to be back, i really wasn’t in pain at all, just getting comfy was very hard. We got a really nice big room as the first room they put us in smelt of smoke (they like to smoke everywhere in Turkey) the hotel staff had no issues in moving us. The room was big enough for me to walk around in, i ordered extra pillows, i think i had about 9 pillows, i had some underneath my bum as it gets so numb, then the rest behind me so i was sat up, it’s how you have to sleep. The binder (the compression) they give you is comfortable ish, you can make it tighter as the swelling goes down. The next few days in the hotel were sleepy ones, i had a sleeping tablet they gave me which made me so sleepy the next day, i did manage to get to the restaurant, for a walk (i was in the wheelchair). The nurses came each day to redress my incisions and put waterproof dressings on. As each day passed i felt better and stronger. The day before we flew home we had a check up with Dr Kul, he was amazing, checked the incisions took photos, he was really happy with how i was healing. He was happy enough to discharge me and allow me to fly home.

The flight home wasn’t as bad as i thought. I got flight assistance as i don’t think i could have walked around the airport. That service was great too and so fast, we didn’t wait around much at all. We had a row to ourselves so i could move about which i did do. I was so excited to get home and be in my own bed and house. We made it home, i had pillows, flowers and chocolate waiting for me from my mum and the boys, so sweet. Wayne had already given me some cards from him and the kids, too cute. We also got the ok from border control about Wayne not having to self isolate when home which is good coz we weren’t really sure on the rules as alot do not make sense. The boys are still with my mum even though the rules state they can come and go. I’m resting up completely and Wayne has done alot of food prep, he’s taking really good care of me, makes me love him even more. I think i will miss him alot when he goes to work. Being at home is great and i still feel pretty good, i’ve finished the antibiotics (they give you these as a precaution) and i’ve (well Wayne coz i can’t deal with cuts on myself) has taken the plaster off my belly button and cleaned it so that’s just healing nicely. My swelling has gone down. The waterproof dressings (you hairdryer these to dry them) will be taken off after 10 days so I’m looking forward to that. I can see my waistline shape and my belly looks amazing. I won’t lie i cried when i first saw it because that horrible belly has gone and now i feel truly happy with myself. I promise i will post pictures and i will update again soon. Thanks for reading.

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