Operation day

So the day came, it was such a long day as I was second on the list. Once I was given my hospital room which was lovely, I had to sign all the forms they wanted me to, then had photos (I could of cried, I let Waybe stay in the room so I felt awful that he was staring at my belly, which I know deep down he couldn’t care less if I had the surgery or not) then Dr Barankul came in to draw on me and ask me what I wanted. When he saw my belly he was surprised, he said there’s not much there why are we doing this, he said it would be easy because normally people have so much more skin. I felt confident that he felt confident. My emotions weren’t as high as I thought they would be, I had a little cry when me and Wayne were cuddling but that’s it. I went down for my surgery about 4pm, then I’m sure I came back into the room about 10pm but Wayne says it was more midnight ha ha I was high on drugs I didn’t know. I tried to eat the mushed you food they gave me but no joy it came straight back up. They got me walking after 3-4 hrs, I walked hunched over. So I could go to the toilet myself etc. I didn’t feel pain at all. Only disturbed sleep I got was because they kept coming in to check up on me. These are the knickers they wanted me to wear, ha ha ha

Ready to go

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