The night before

Well we are in Turkey, the journey was weird, firstly Manchester airport was so empty, it’s pretty sad how covid has changed things and effected a lot of businesses. The plane wasn’t full at all. When we arrived in Turkey we received details of our transfer, I sent a selfie of what we looked like with our masks on, it seemed to amuse the driver.

when the driver picked us up we went straight to the hospital for our covid test and my blood tests done. Then on to the hotel, it’s amazing, so beautiful. We chilled a little and had room service, the chicken wraps and chips tasted really nice.

On Tuesday, we was picked up and taken back to the hospital for a consultation with the anaesthetist and to be given our covid results (which were negative) this took about 5 minutes. The hospital looks like a 5star hotel, I felt like such a tourist taking pictures ha ha they even had a piano that played itself.

Afterwards we decided to have a day of shopping and exploring, we went to the blue mosque which had the grand Bazaar market near it.

I’m feeling ok about my operation, feeling nervous a little, missing the boys, but all normal to feel this. I’ve met some ladies who had surgery and a lady who is having surgery on the same day as me. All excited and one step closer to feeling good about my body.

I will probably post after my surgery and don’t worry I was post before and after pictures.
Exciting times.

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